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2 definitions by Sarah3333

FABS are a surf retro-pop band from the United Kingdom. They formed in 2003 around singer/songwriter/surfer girl Fabiola Gatti who's also in the public eye for her relationships with hot guys from the music scene like Johnny Borrell Razorlight, Brendon Urie Panic at the Disco, Gerard Way My Chemical Romance, etc.
FABS music has the unique edge of teen life seen through a surfer's eyes with titles like Surfergirl', Lighthouse' and Sunrise' . They've been compared to bands like MGMT and Operator Please among others.

dude do u know who FABS are? Of course, they're brilliant.
by Sarah3333 March 14, 2008
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Someone who sings with a pitch higher than a dog wistle.

warning--> if you see a lily allen, run. run fast.

tell that fucking lily allen to shut the fuck up

person 1: MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeM eMeMeMeMeMe
(glass breaks)
person 2: you just broke the window with your lily allen voice!!

by Sarah3333 March 14, 2008
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