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Northwich-a quiet town, where many crimes, and scallies hang around macdonalds, and on the other side moshers hang out on courts
'arrrr mate, lets get this mosher'
by Sarah Kenyon January 16, 2005
Barnton-a small village, where the over flow of Northwichlive.
contains large quantities of cannabis and other well known drugs.
Jam butties are a local delicacy there.
'lets get sum ganja and munch on sum jam butties' - a common saying in Barnton.
by Sarah Kenyon January 16, 2005
Jam butties- a jam sandwich which people in barnton love.
'oooh put the kettle on love, and make some jam butties'
by Sarah Kenyon January 16, 2005
a place where moshers hang out in Northwich, the Magistrates courts.
'you cuming courts?'
by Sarah Kenyon January 16, 2005
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