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(interjection) An expression of irritation or anger that exploits the ironic juxtaposition of the scatalogical expletive "shit" with the harmless fluffy imagery of kittens. Also alludes to the colloquialism that one is so nervous/upset that one could birth kittens, or shit something unusual.
Oh shitkittens! I left my cell phone at home.
by Sarah Keebs August 05, 2005
1) v. To seat pirate is to take someone's, usually better, seat when they get up to go to the washroom, get a drink, et cetera.

2) n. One who pirates another person's seat.

3) n. One who prefers anal sex, specially if they pursue it agressively.
1) When Dan got up to get the phone, Robbie seat pirated him.

2) Hold my spot on the couch, Robbie's a total seat pirate.

3) Gary may look like a bottom, but he's really a total seat pirate.
by Sarah Keebs August 04, 2005
n. A person with a learning disability (such as central auditory processing disorder) or physiological hearing problem, whose perception or understanding of auditory stimulus is retarded, but who is otherwise of normal ability and intelligence.

adj. Of the above condition.
My sister wears a hearing aid because she's a soundtard.

After that Metallica concert we were all soundtarded.
by Sarah Keebs August 04, 2005
v.imp. An encouragement or admonishment to tap something, whether in the common sexual usage (i.e. tap dat, "Tap that ass", et cetera) or in the ironic non-sexual usage which refers to the sexual usage. Taken from the Adam Sandler movie *Happy Gilmour*, where Sandler's character is trying to tap or putt a golf ball.
Sexual usage:
"Jimmy asked me out and I don't know what to say"
"He's hot! Tap-tap-tap-a-roo!"

Ironic usage:
"Ooh, perogies are on sale! ap-tap-tap-a-roo!"
by Sarah Keebs August 04, 2005
noun. A very passive agressive person who manipulates situations to make themselves look like the victim when they are, in fact, the instigator.

verb. To 'goff' someone is to be a goff (n) towards them, i.e. to make them the target of passive agressive activity.
noun. You're going to post anonymous insults on Livejournal? Don't be such a goff!

verb. After Jane dumped Michael, she totally goffed him by telling everyone he'd left her.
by Sarah Keebs August 03, 2005
verb. To date an obviously gay man before he has excepted his sexuality, while being aware (or at least highly suspicious) of his real preferences, in order to benefit from having a sensitive, well-dressed boyfriend who treats you right and is good in bed. More specifically, to be the last woman to date a gay man before he comes out of the closet.
John helped Annie redecorate her apartment while she was gayting him.

Tania introduced Dan to his current boyfriend when she gayted him.
by Sarah Keebs August 03, 2005

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