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The combination of a ghetto (generally black) person who is also a hillbilly. This person is generally uneducated, broke, has many children with different fathers...but with this the different fathers could possibly be first cousins.
"My cousin from Alabama,Tammiyaka, jus done had another baby with my other cousin Tyreek, that hoe's a damn naggerbilly...she has a damn baby on each hip while barefoot."
by Sarah & Taylor September 22, 2007
A lesbian who is physically bigger in build, unfashionable, has a deep voice, masculine. They are known to be dominant over other woman and men. Typically, they may be found in these areas of work: construction, lumberjacks, mechanics, plumbers, and truckers.
"Some husky that was fixing my car just asked if i've ever felt a harley between my legs before."
by Sarah & Taylor August 30, 2007

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