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A person who has a psychotic disease that is created by a fear of puppets and watching Sesame Street when younger. I never goes away and the person always feels as if puppets are in their head.
Person 1: Did you hear about the man who killed his wife.
Person 2: Yeah, he blamed imaginary puppets.
Person 1: Wow, what a Sesame Street.
by Sarah Louise May 21, 2008
An annoying little boy who is in love with other little boys. Usually an omen sent by the Socialist party.
Little Boy 1: What if I refuse to bow down to your Dictator
Damien: Rape!
by Sarah Louise May 21, 2008
A shy and unlovable girl who worships darkness and cats.
Look at that Nora in the corner of the room doing something, oh its a cat.
by Sarah Louise May 20, 2008
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