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A large town in Ocean County, NJ. It is the basic metropolis for the surrounding beach areas (Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Mantaloking, etc.) because it has a movie theatre, and a lot of large stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Brick is filled with mini-malls and lots of traffic. It is separated in two parts, and has two different high schools- "Memorial" and "Old Brick" (as they are referred to by students). The common activity for teenagers on the weekends is to get drunk and smoke. Bricktownians know how to drink everyone else under the table and do it in style. Kids from Bricktown are big on drinking games and are the best beer pong players in the area. WaWa's , Wendy's, and the Ocean Queen Diner are always packed late at night with kids taking a much-needed munchy break. Also, many of these teenagers have a tendency to tailgate before every concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center, but be too cheap to buy tickets to actually see the show.
"Wow! That kid is real good at beer pong- he must be from Bricktown..."
by Sara H October 09, 2005

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