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saoirse is the (irish) word for (freedom) it can also be used a girls name.it means shes (cool) and (smart)
saoirse is cool, saoirse is a girl, saoirse means freedom
by saoirse November 10, 2004
"Roger decided to have a quiet night in in front of the television relaxing in the gentlemans way."
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
Mariella looked deep in to Charles' eyes, he grasped her in his manly arms and proceeded to shoot love snot into her hair.
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
A girl of average looks who seems to deem herself of better standing than you: a ropey looking bird who looks down on you.
That barmaids one fucking ostrich.
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
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