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Term brought to the spanish from the english concept -My Kid- which spelling transforms to -My Niño- and then it is modificated by two dudes from Barranquilla, Colombia and becomes -Mañiño-. It's similar to -my son- as New Yorkers say or -bro-. Simply refers to a person who does or has -mañiñadas- or -cañañas-. ¨female: Mañiña
1-Entoes' que mañiño? bien o que?
2- sisas parce todo bien. como va esa cañaña?
1- pues llave esa vaina se volvio una mañiñada. se nos cayó la tavuel. jaaaa jaaaaa jaaaaa jah.
by Santy care panty September 04, 2011

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