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Used by a superior genre of people to express disgust or dislike in a particular person, place, thing, or idea. Usually accompanied by a sour expression, hindrance sneer, or quick change of subject. Desperate Wannabees may attempt to catch on to this particular "slang" but must be immediately shut out, frowned upon, and ridiculed.
"Wait... that's your actual mother? Ewlk."

"Jamol has two mothers? Ewlk!"

"I don't know what made him run away. I pulled down my panties and opened my legs and all he said was 'ewlk'."

"Ewlk. You can't just ask someone why they won't fedunk you, Karen."

"Have you SEEN "Shrek" and "Fiona"? Ewlk!"
by Santwon July 04, 2006
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