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4 definitions by Santiago

1. A puerto rican female with large breasts.

2. A naked chef.

3. A type of drug for insomniacs.

4. Child abuser.
That girl's breasts are huge, like a Xandra.
by Santiago April 16, 2005
a trifiling ho. one who often has skeet in the cooch.
That biatch is a skooch!
by santiago April 16, 2004
1. A person with an aversion to work or exertion; laziness; indolence.

2. An ugly Canadian who wears too much base.

3. Chain-smoking, slow-thinking, typo-prone druggie.

4. Large breasted doosh bag.

See Synonyms at crackwhore, sloth and canadian
Don't be a Darby.

More errors? That's so Darby of you.

You have nice Darbys.
by Santiago April 16, 2005
1. Missing someone tremendously
2. Sexually yearning or sprung; unable to cope without a signficant other's presence
I haven't seen my boyfriend at all this weekend...I am soooo hooptie!!
by Santiago February 20, 2004