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A a common acronym, or word that is used in blogs or forums, but not quite on too many social networking sites or aim.

Usually used to shorten a comment that would normally take too long, and they're a lot easier to use, especially since the phrase the acronym is for is stated often.
Sally763: ngl i dnw Jesse's hat.
KinKin54R: lol uhuhh you will not use blogisms on AIM!

NGL = not gonna lie
mte = my thoughts exactly
iawtc = i agree with this comment
ftw = for the win

Kobe Bryant, ftw!

by Santia July 07, 2009
putting your business out in the open; usually a secret, or information you wouldn't normally share. Basically calling yourself or others out.

Happens often when someone is intoxicated.
You saw Kelly and Jacob all over each other in the corner?! They are so wide right now!

Kevin: I had sooo much sex with that girl last night!
Jaquelle: Dude, you mad wide right now!
by Santia June 07, 2009

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