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The space of epidermis constituting the area betwixt the anal opening and the scrotum of a male, although a female also has a significantly smaller area of equal definition(substituting vaginal crevice instead of scrotum, of course). See also The New Jersey.
I loved the face my girlfriend made as she tongued my grundel. The amount of pleasure was infinitely excellent.
by Santa Claus December 08, 2003
An object of sexual fantasy for many adolescent boys (and girls)
Wow! I can't belive you had brian's maw!
by santa claus February 05, 2004
a flabnuts is sum one hu has soooo much flubber on their scrotum area that u cant even see their testacles in fact u question the existinse of their penis sometimes
holy crap i saw this porno flick they
were fuking but i couldnt see the guys dick because he was such a flabnuts
by santa claus March 19, 2005
One who one night stand's a bitch, then passes her off to his friends, and still keeps the bitch as a close friend.
That Pimplona hooked me up with Sally. He fucked her last night, and said me and her would be a good match.
by Santa Claus September 23, 2003

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