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excellent or great, particularly as a result of boldness or ingenuity
He just fired that clown right on the spot. Now that was face.
by Sanotaan January 25, 2004
short for bullshit. Follows the word-shortening convention of the St. James area of Chicago.
His explanation for being late to dinner was total bulls.
by Sanotaan January 14, 2005
breasts, particularly those of a female
I need to get me some of her nursery.
by Sanotaan May 06, 2006
diminutive or slang for head, nearly only when in the context of making physical contact or striking someone's head.
My time in the ring is history...took too many hits to the snackcake.
by Sanotaan February 21, 2005
a woman who has wronged a man (or another woman) in a particularly epic or disgraceful fashion
It's been three years since I broke up with bitchface for gifting me the clap.
by Sanotaan January 25, 2004

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