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When a girl's hair has outgrown her haircut: she wears her hair in a ponytail and tucks her bangs behind her ears, as the title character does in the movie "Juno."
"Dude, I need a haircut real bad. I've been doing the Juno for a week now."
by SanneStealsSocks June 04, 2009
The common and general paranoia that parents often have with their oldest child. They are usually strict and uptight about activities, curfews, and relationships, but once the second child comes around, they loosen up a bit, often frustrating the first-born.
"Hey dude, ya going to the Blink-182 concert?"
"Sadly, no. My mom's got a serious case of first-born phobia."
by SanneStealsSocks August 28, 2009

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