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2 definitions by Sanne

use similar to that of "crap":
1. to describe a shitty object/person/situation/whatever
2. as an outburst of annoyedness

it was invented by me! not hannah, because i don't know her and i've been saying it for a long time! or possibly simultaneously.

1. "that's SUCH a crapass band. and so overrated, like u2."
2. "CRAPASS! i'm the biggest moron ever and just stepped in dog poo... again."
by Sanne December 25, 2005
A person, usually a girl, who becomes indistinguishly slutty at a certain time of day, or on the weekend. They are most easily spotted in their usual habitat, anywhere that alcohol is being served in abundance.
Amber: "Look at that girl over there, she looked so nice when she came into the club, what happened??"

Kate: "She's a wereslut, normal during the day, whore at the club."
by SAnne May 17, 2013