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A Karien is an awesome friend, a beautiful girl.

fun, quirky, funny as hell and great company.

You can rely on Karien when times are tough and even when you just need a laugh.

Karien knows how to cheer you up and make you feel better.

Great friend, shoulder to cry on, comedian

May come forth as being a hard ass or a bitch but if you get to know her she is your friend for life!!!!

Addicted to Black berry, texting and staying in touch. Always up for a party. Has great music taste. Loves dancing.

Good driver. Always pumps up the music and sings whenever she gets the chance.

has a love for animals and shopping and good looking boys.

Karien is an AWESOME friend and a great person.
That guy is SO hot!!!

He is perfect for Karien

That joke was funny!!!
So like Karien

That girl was funny but not like Karien funny!!!
#fun #funny #quirky #happy-go-lucky #awesome #great #punny #reliable
by SanjiKonyn May 24, 2011
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