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A girlfriend of a start-up CEO or co-founder who understands that her boyfriend is a young, crazy, ambitious, aggressive, academically and socially intelligent monster whose sole purpose in life is to create innovative technologies and business models. Therefore, he does not necessarily care about anything that goes on outside of his company or the industry in which it operates.

She also understands that for a period of time, her boyfriend is cash-strapped, and therefore does not engage in spurious expenditures and demands such as bottles of liquor at Hollywood nightclubs, sushi at overtly expensive posh restaurants, and $22 sandwiches at Urth Caffe.

The ultimate startup girlfriend also comprehends that time and not cash is the most important asset.
Dude, Sharon is a total-startup girlfriend. I showed up 2 hours late to her birthday party and even forgot her gift at my apartment, but she wasn't upset at all when I showed up!
by SanguineBio September 26, 2010

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