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2 definitions by Sangre Viento

Possibly the best p2p file sharing program of all time, feeds of of the Bittorrent network but allows you to make multiple downloads and uploads. Also is much more customizable than BT.
Dubya: Dude wered you get all those leet movies on your comp?

Jason: I downloaded them all last night using Azureus!!
by Sangre Viento May 18, 2005
Also known as Kernel32.exe

A Floodnet Computer VIRUS that runs in the backround of your computer (as a process), and attempts to e-mail itself to your address book using Outlook.
James: Dude if you get any E-mails from me don't open them, I just found Kernel32 running on my comp.

Rick: Oooops...
by Sangre Viento May 18, 2005