5 definitions by Sandy Highman, PHD

A small triangular-shaped peice of material, often bedazzled with jewellery and feathers, which covers the bifkin, or inbetweenus, or gooch. The bifkini is strapped over the shoulders with thin, barely-visible strings. Obviously the human bifkin does not require protection, as it is widely known that the moisture, or goose butter, produced on the surface of the flesh, provides a protective salt which defends the bifkin from harsh climates and miniature creatures. The bifkini is merely a fashion accessory, designed to intimidate or make an impression on one's peers.
"Hey I just bought my mankini for the summer"
"Pfft! Mankini? Check out my new Goochy Bifkini!"
by Sandy Highman, PHD August 16, 2011
A little-known button, secretly located behind the clitoris, that initiates, upon it's stimulation, an anti aging process, by which the vagina tightens as the woman ages..
-"Did you hear Jimmy had sex with Jerry's Grandma!?"
-"Someone must've pushed her Benjaminge Button.."
by Sandy Highman, PHD July 22, 2011
The stage name Bill Cosby gives to his bifkin, when he performs a magic act at children's birthday parties.
Bill Cosby: "And for this particular trick, I'll need some help from my assistant, Grundalf the Black!"

Grundalf: "Heeeyy heeeyy heey!!"
by Sandy Highman, PHD July 22, 2011
This occurs when you're taking a dump and you scratch your balls and the loose pubes fall out over your shit
Hey, did you see Bill Cosby? He was wearing William Shatner's Toupee.
by Sandy Highman, PHD July 22, 2011
A magically gifted, yet disappointingly short penis, which, when burdened with the one cock-ring of power, handed down from the bearer's sketchy uncle, Dildo Faggins, turns invisible.
Looks like you're not the only one with Elijah Wood!
by Sandy Highman, PHD July 22, 2011

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