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A slang term for Native Americans.
I took my car to the Card Dealers on the rez and ditched it for the insurance claim.
by Sandiego Gammel August 29, 2005
A racial slur referring to a person of both Asian and Caucasian ethnic background.
Guy 1 "Wow, that Asian girl is super hot!"

Guy 2 "I think if you look closer son, you will find that fine creature is a Gradual Slope"
by Sandiego Gammel February 11, 2010
When a man is being made a cuckold. The new "mowing your lawn". When one man is trying to get with another man's wife/girlfriend.
Colin: Have you seen Harry?
James: Yes. He is over there in the corner with your wife trying to 'wash your rug.'
by Sandiego Gammel October 06, 2010
Small breasts on a woman. Bastardization of Mosquito Bite Boobs.
Man, check out the skitters on that model. Hells ya, I love a small rack like that, son.
by Sandiego Gammel March 17, 2006
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