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Known as a subculture of radical, sometime's judgemental, righteous, and somehow powerfully persuasive, lesbians who all seem to know eachother.

Turned into a comedy based, lesbian, online talk show, podcast, where NYC based lesbian Sandi, airs her personal conversations, views, and dirty laundry, with friends living locally and in other major cities across the country...... Oh dear, I hope I didn't build your expectations too high ... but what else am I supposed to say? I'm a stupid douche bag, come listen to my crappy podcast? Even though that's true, you can't expect me to say that. I mean, really now.
Q. Did you see that "supposedly" lesbian movie/show? They had bisexuals kissing, OBVIOUSLY for mens entertainment, portraying themselves as lipstick lesbians!

A. Yes I did, and I think The Lesbian Mafia is going to give them a hard time.
#lesbian #podcast #comedy #humor #women
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