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A game that is the essence of perfection. It is the only perfect video game I have played. It is flawless. Classic old-school look and feel. Lots of cool characters. And above all, an original story that doesn't involve evil plots or saving the world. And we can't forget the awesome soundtrack this game has. Everyone should be required to play and like this game.
I played through Breath of Fire 3 several times, and it never gets old!
by Sand June 22, 2005
When someone is heaping such a huge load of crap on you that the volume would fill everything you're wearing, even your socks. True Story: A young child was sent home from day care for 3 days because his "movement" was so huge that it literally filled his socks.
"Is that true or are you just fillin' socks?"
by Sand May 19, 2006
Nerd is just a classification created by idiots. Myself, am often classified as one. But what keeps "nerds" from classifying jocks or others as "nerds"? Goddamn people..
He was classfied as a nerd just because he liked video game music.
by Sand May 05, 2005
short,Innocent looking killer
his thinking was ruined by kanika
by sand November 17, 2003

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