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A hair color, which by some miracle now merits it's own subculture, or 'label', if you will.

Clothes: Casual-yet-cool, not Particularly noticeable (these peopole are known for their hair, not style), often jeans, a shirt which makes some reference to their Hair color, EG: 'Ginger and Proud'.

Hair: Ginger, duh. Normally kept natural and long-ish.

Music: Anything where the lead singer is a redhead.

Stereotype: Socially inept, Geeky, Bullied, Shy, Intelligent, Secretly-slutty-but-doesn't-let-on-to-this, good-looking in a wall flower sort of way.

Elizabeth I of elgland is perhaps the most famous ginger ever, although Lindsay Lohan comes a close second.
by Sana_Shadow April 10, 2009
A label, normally refers only to females.

Clothes: Normally quite 'fashionable', short denim miniskirts, Over-sized belts, Tops that push up their cleavage, High heels.

Hair: Often dyed dark brown, possibly with blond highlights. Either straightened to death or loosley curled in a failed attempt to look 'natural'. Often held back with an alice band.

Music: R&B and pop.

Unfair Stereotype: Looks down on everyone, Slutty, Air-head, Thinks they're more popular than they are, fake.
I am not a plastic, but even I can tell they're not all like that.
by Sana_Shadow April 10, 2009

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