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1) Someone who unfortunately is always around you AND acts particularly prickly or like a bitch all day long. You have to put up with them because they have no were to be or because of power dynamics (ie. supervisor/manager, friend’s partner etc.).

2) Somone who is your standard go to bitch. They take everyones shit all day long.
Coworker 1: “Damn she’s a bitch I can’t wait for her to leave”.

Coworker 2: “Who? Becky?”

Coworker 1: “YES! Becky duh who else!!!!”

Coworker 2: “….Oh yes….the default bitch”


Coworker 1: "I'm not sending all those faxes"
Coworker 2: "Ask the default bitch to send the faxes"
by SanDreeeezy May 04, 2010
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