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1 definition by San Mateo

A City of 93,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has 3 public High Schools: San Mateo, Aragon and Hillsdale. By far, San Mateo High School is known as the best. Their mascot is the Bearcat, which is hella cool. In Mateo (as it is called by Locals) hella is common slang. Tom Brady is from Mateo, and went to Serra, a private religous high school, also Merv Griffin and Alicia Silverstone are from Mateo, both attended the best high school in the area, San Mateo High.
Mateo High's colors are Orange and Black, and Orange is a cool color, fosho'.
I was in my car cruisin' down 101 North, and I passed by San Mateo on my way to the San Fran Airport.
by San Mateo January 10, 2006