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2 definitions by San José

People from Malaysia, or with ancestors from Malaysia. People who know how to make some awesome stir-fried noodles. The guys are studs and the girls are attractive and smart.
Whoa, you're Malaysian? Awesome!
by San José March 30, 2008
People living in, or having ancestors from, the continent of Asia or some part of Asia. In the United States, "Asians" are people with ancestors from south Asia, east Asia, and southeast Asia -- that is, anywhere in the triangle between Pakistan, Japan, and Indonesia.

In the United Kingdom, south Asians, but not east or southeast Asians, are considered "Asians". This generally means people with ancestors from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and nearby areas.
Q: Why are there so few Asians in Fresno?
A: Fresno has plenty of Asians, especially southeast and south Asians; you need to abandon your 1980s conception of "Asians" as meaning only east Asians.
by San José March 30, 2008