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1 definition by SamuraiPancho412

1.When one of your homies commits a murder or does something they shouldn't be doing, it's the act of ratting them out to your bitch, who in turn will bitch about it and cause problems for the both of you. Made popular by lyrical genius Tech N9ne.

2. Another way to say snitch.
!. Pillow talkin' get you caught up an brought up on charges,
Shot up a lot and departed, it's nothin short of retarded.
Cause when you say stuff,
And then you an your woman break up,
You fuckin' because your mouth wouldn't stay shut.

2. Bob: Hey man you know that snitch Lex?
Luke: Yeah, he's such a fucking pillow talker.
by SamuraiPancho412 April 16, 2009