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3 definitions by Samui Kitsune

-the grammatically correct "spelling" for the erroneous "shit off"

-a more intense expression than "bugger-off"

-a more tame expression than "fuck-off"
If you film me I will kill you. Shit-off
-Nick Frost
by Samui Kitsune December 02, 2007
The most delicious sarsaparilla drink in existence. Made in China. Ten times more delicious than American "Root beer."
Hey Say sarsaparilla drink is the shit!
by Samui Kitsune December 03, 2007
a douchebag commits acts of douchebaggery
Douchebag1: let's go douchebagging douchebag2!

Douchebag2: OK douchebag1. let's go commit acts of douchebaggery!
by Samui Kitsune December 02, 2007