3 definitions by Samuel Vargas

A description of a Mexican who instead of conforming to American living, stubbornly does not change. Keeping the same clothes, no interest in learning English, or interest in American culture what so ever, and or citizenship.
Look at the freaking Pisa, nasty ass chunti!
by Samuel Vargas January 16, 2009
A saying used by Dave Chappell to describe in his comedy sketch each era when someone was making a huge mistake.
that nigga is fucking up!, (when your friend is making a huge mistake you would say) Nigga your fucking up. or Man your fucking up.
by Samuel Vargas January 16, 2009
A word that means police amonst Hispanic gang memeber. Specifically west coast hispanic gang members.
watch out who da nigga.
by Samuel Vargas January 14, 2009

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