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1. Relaxing in one's residence.
Often this takes place in an urban setting and involves alcoholic beverages.

References the greatest basketball player of all time, Tony Delk.
So we were just delkin'-it when Ray Ray showed up and made a scene.
by Samuel M.F. Johnson December 22, 2004
The act of having raucous sex on a shitty piece of furniture. Often results in breakage and possible injury.

References the P.O.S. furniture they give away on the Price Is Right.

This act could also be called "barker ballin."
I used to broyhill this chick on 5th floor of Pritchard until the crappy table broke and threw-out my back.
by Samuel M.F. Johnson January 26, 2005
The act of screwing someone in the belly-button.

An associated phrase is "inners are winners."
My girlfriend loves it when I silly phil her, especially while she's watching TV.
by Samuel M.F. Johnson January 26, 2005
1. Fans of Virginia Tech basketball. Named for Cassell Coliseum, home of the Hokies. Superior in every respect to the cameron crazies of Duke.

2. Baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Known for their love of moonshine and "Enter Sandman."
Duke Player 1: Man those Cassell Crazies are fuckin rowdy. They own our fans hardcore.
Duke Player 2: Like totally.
Duke Player 1: Wanna go have butt-sex?
Duke Player 2: Do you have to ask?
by Samuel M.F. Johnson January 27, 2005
Characterized by the following actions (in order):
1) Taking crap in a pair of new or gently used shoes and then carefully pushing the crap into the toe section.
2) Approaching a homeless person/vagrant/hobo with worn shoes and offering him your "brand new" pair in exchange for his old shoes.
3) Laughing hysterically when he discovers his foot has been hot karl-ed and that he no longer has any usable shoes (hence shoeless joe).
4) Running like hell before you're beaten to death with a shit covered shoe.
Last night we drove down to the rail yard and shoeless joe'd some anonymous vagabond.
by Samuel M.F. Johnson January 26, 2005
A racial epithet regarding African-Americans.

A slurr of a slurr of a slurr.
nurr => nigga => nigger => negro.

Intended as non-racist way of honkies to quote R. Pryor and D. Chappelle, et al.
"You a li'l tardy with the food there, nurr" -R. Pryor
by Samuel M.F. Johnson December 22, 2004
1. Literal: To screw a chick who has her head in an oven. (Use electric ovens for practice and gas for game-time).

2. Figurative: To screw a chick who is severely depressed.
My girlfriends been down in the dumps ever since she failed her midterm. I've still been sylvia plathin' her though.
by Samuel M.F. Johnson January 26, 2005
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