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2 definitions by Samuel L Gompers

Any kind of action in which you attack someone, something, or an idea presented/channeled into an object with a karate-like chop and saying and or screaming "LOATHARZ!!!"
1. Kat dissaproved of my idea, and suggested her own, so I drew "kat's idea" on her purse, and loatharzed that ho into a trashcan.

2. JAke had this sweet sandwich, which he wouldn't share, so I loatharzed it out of his hand onto the floor, then proceeded to eat said floor-sandwich.
by Samuel L Gompers June 17, 2008
When you're stupid, you might make up words. The guy from Chevron made up this word, I'm just helping.
"If Congress takes away our profit, and taxes us, we won't producify as much oil" -David O'Reilly-
by Samuel L Gompers June 17, 2008