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1. (of speech, writing, etc.) awesome; fantastic
2. means almost the same as fantastic but better, like a bomb exploding....
3. an awsome word meaning outragiouse (outrageous), and meaningless speech....
4. something that is the bomb and unbelievable....

Also, don•das•ti•cal.

April 19, 2011 12:31 AM; dondast + -ic

-Related Forms
don•das•ti•cal•ly, adverb
don•das•ti•cal•ness, noun
don•das•ti•cal•i•ly, noun
su•per•don•das•tic, adjective
su•per•don•das•ti•cal•ly, adverb
un•don•das•tic, adjective
un•don•das•ti•cal•ly, adverb

bombastic, fantastic, ludicrous, erratic, phantasmagorical, whimsical, extreme, overwhelming, stupendous, incredible, preposterous, freakish, far-fetched, wacky, queer, eccentric, absurd, nonsensical, hallucinatory, outlandish, peculiar, ridiculous, irrational

boring, common, lame, plain, usual, ordinary, little, small, tiny
no your not. you don't understand the complexities of my piranha-e goodness and all the inevitable smartities that come with the logistics of being an amazing dondastic piranha-e fishy
by SammyTheDino April 24, 2011

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