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In new Hampshire I always hear my friends talking about how much they just want to get out of here, and how "Cali" will be so much better. The thing is, New Hampshire has so many things that are taken forgranted. Fist off the seasons are amazing, and you get the classic winter feal.(pine trees coverd in snow.) snowboarding is just so much different than those huge west mountains. In NH the mountains are small enoufe that everybody is together like a intire group so "shreden the gnar" is much more fun. the summerdays are amazing just chillen and go skating, "blazzen mad tree" going to watercountry in portsmouth. Most people are chill but unlike out west. WE'RE FUCKING HARDCORE! we mosh brutaly to hardcore music like at WARPED TOUR that just happends to be in mass but NH people go crazzy there.

so pretty much I love the east coast and fuck you if you dont.
"Hey man whats good?"

"not much man you?"

"dude, this is wikked sick"
"I know kid thats awsome"


marrijuana terms- weed, tree, green, stuff, dope, headbands, arbore,grams.



New Hampshire
by SammyBrepthe603 January 20, 2010

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