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Kamijo is the vocalist of a popular japanese visual-kei band called Lareine. Along with guitarist Mayu, bassist Emiru and drummer Machi Kamijo has turned Lareine into a great success. Releasing 12 albums (Blue Romance, Lillie Charlotte, The Last of Romance, Scream, Reine de Fleur, Etude, Crystal Letos, Never Cage, Reincarnation, Winter Romantic, Deep Forest and Imperial Concerto) 22 singles (I'll not list them due to the fact the list is far too long) and 2 live dvds (Chantons L'amour Tour 1999 and Scarlet Majesty Tour 2003) the band has gained an overwhelming amount of popularity. The band has now begun touring outside Japan.

In the year 2000 Lareine suffered a horrible breakup. With the departure of drummer Machi soon followed guitarist Mayu and bassist Emiru. Kamijo tried to carry on as a soloist releasing the album Scream with his own work but still under the band's name as the music was played by the former members. After the release of already scheduled for release albums Reine de Fleur and Etude Kamijo released the album Crystal Letos as a message for the other members (Mayu, Emiru, Machi). He succeeded in getting Mayu and Emiru back. Machi however did not wish to return.

In early 2001 Larine was put on hold. Kamijo and Mayu joined the band New Sodmy later in the year. Emiru went off and formed his band Ribbon. Machi had gone off to form his own band called Chantons L'amour (not to be mistaken by the band's legendary tour of 1999). After New Sodmy's first concert Mayu left the group after an arguement with one of the members (although which one has never been mentioned a large amount of fans point to Kamijo).

After the disbandment of New Sodmy in late 2002 Kamijo was contacted by Emiru who stated he had felt a longing for Lareine recently. Inviting both bassist Emiru and guitarist Mayu to his home Kamijo managed to convince them to join him and set Lareine back in motion.
In 2003 Lareine started up again with the lineup of Kamijo on vocals, Mayu on guitar, Emiru on bass and new member Kazumi on drums.

On March 1st of 2006 Kazumi left the group. Lareine has since searched for another drummer and contacted Machi. As of september 16th of 2006 Lareine will be starting again with its original lineup. Kamijo(vocals), Mayu(guitar), Emiru(bass), and Machi(drums).

On the date of the Chantons L'amour concert Kamijo lost his wife Audrey to leukemia. During the performance of the song Tsukiyo no Kageki (Opera of the Moonlight) Kamijo can be seen holding a doll made in the liking of his wife. He'd previously received a call of her death the night before and had asked for the creation of the doll four months prior when Audrey had informed him of her unfortunate fate. During the performance of Tsukiyo no Kageki Kamijo can be seen on brink of tears caressing the doll as though it were his beloved Audrey and Mayu, Emiru and Machi are all bowing their heads (for Emiru this is unusual as he usually puts forth a tremendous amount of energy on stage). Mayu's fingers seem to move faster on his guitar and the only times he actually looks up his eyes are clouded with unshed tears. Machi's drumming is softer than in other songs. The album "The Last of Romance" was released with a dedication to Audrey and last words from each member for her, Kamijo's being an astounding full page long. To this day Kamijo has not been able to forget Audrey as he has stated in interviews. At two particular interviews he was unable to contain himself and cried when asked about his love life. He was asked if had a girlfriend and he had quickly said no but then could not catch himself as memories of Audrey flooded his mind.
by Sammy-chan September 06, 2006

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