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A female character from the independat film "Stonegate: From 90 to 91"

Amy Ham was the one who looked like the character Samuel. Though sexy, hot and desired by many in the movie, Amy wore a chastity belt to avoid the "Alabama dongs."
"Sharon, drop your pants and quit being an Amy Ham."

Hey dude, did ya score?
No, I got hammed.
by Sammy Patrick January 15, 2005
An independant film released in 2001. There were manyt sayings and lines in the movie that have been repeated, but most people don't know where they came from.
"Whoa, trigger. back the truck up"

"Would you like to see my fish tank?"

"Hoser, let's have a trazadone war.
by Sammy Patrick January 15, 2005
a combination of gonnohrea, syphilus, and coot all in one.

note: coot is any other kind of coochie funk.
Dude, I wouldn't bang her with your cock. She has gynesyphacoot.

She had something wrong with her shit. Maybe it's gynesyphacoot?
by Sammy Patrick September 10, 2003
A term for marijuana or the act of smoking mariajuana.
Is it special time over there?
by Sammy Patrick September 08, 2003
OB/GYN, gynecologist, a nanny doctor.
I accidentally shot up in her so I sent her to the cootercologist to get the MAP.

by Sammy Patrick September 10, 2003
same as pussy
She had a shaved nanny with just a little stubble on it.
by sammy Patrick September 10, 2003
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