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2 definitions by Sammy "Da Bull"

Any angry bitter woman who goes out of her way to make your life a living hell

Abbreviation for "Vicious Evil Bitch"

Pronounced "veeb"
My ex wife is being a total VEB, damn that woman is breaking my balls over stupid shit
by Sammy "Da Bull" September 09, 2006
8 37
Verb - An act involving anal sex, primarily a homosexual act. When one partner ejaculates into another partners anus, the intercourse continues mixing semen and fecal matter into a frothy mixture. The frothy mixture of semen and fecal matter is then extracted and consumed by inserting a straw into the anus.
Dave: Damit Bob! I told you should not eat corn on the cob when you know we wil be fudding later.
Bob: Oh, yeah.. I forgot that plugs up the straw with the corn bits sometimes.. sorry..
Dave: I have to go floss out the corn chunks now..
by Sammy "Da Bull" September 03, 2006
13 198