11 definitions by Sammy Nutt

How Guidos pronounce 'sandwich"
Hey bro i look ova and there was these two hyuge tuner sangiches just hangin there floppin on the floor there
by Sammy Nutt September 09, 2010
Just like a diuretic, but something that makes you have to poop reaaallly bad.
This coffee and cigarette is a fuckin poopuretic man, I'm halfway through this Marlboro and java and I'm about ready to fill-up my underwear.
by Sammy Nutt October 07, 2010
The great skill of being able to come up with sweet Bro words or Bro names.
Ronald: “What’s up Broaquin Phoenix?”
Marge: “Hahaha….wow I’ve never heard that one.”
Ronald: “What can I say? I have an advanced degree in Brosephry”
by Sammy Nutt February 24, 2011
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