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1 definition by Sammi likes to swear

a place where all rip off australians go to be nuetral and where people cannot say the letter 'i'.

Ps. you can say australians are mean, but really it's just that u guys are way to politically correct. australia bags everyone out and doesn't give a shit if u bag us out. we're not that sensitive and the reason the world likes us and acknowledges us (cos they dont even know who u r) is because we're tough.
if u want an example of how prissy new zealanders are, finish reading all this "we're beautiful and just as good as australia! so don't be meanie poos" shit, then search australia and read about how proud we are to be poitically uncorrect we are, how we drink twice our own body weight in beer and how swearing is our language.

its better to be a quarter racist, than to all have the same boring views
by Sammi likes to swear November 17, 2006