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2 definitions by Samm Semaj Kcin

an old, dirty sock filled with a combination of dust, egg yolk, tp, and flour/sugar. (usually as a practical joke)
Nick: Yo when Jason slept over he was talking in his sleep.

Owen: Ya?

Nick: So what i did was got a spooky sock, and beat the shit out of him with it...

Owen: Awww, Siiiick... Was there yolk every where?

Nick: Ya, and he like started crying... my mom came down so he had to leave..

Owen: lol
by Samm Semaj Kcin December 01, 2010
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Either dark, scabby cuts on a person's ass. (usually, find out during $3x)
The perfect cookness of a marshmellow(between burnt and golden brown)
Jeff: When i was with veronica, yo her ass was pimplin brown

Jim: Awwwee, siiiick...


Nick: look, look...

Owen: what... ohh hot damn your marshmellow is pimplin brown..

Nick: ya i know its perfect...
by Samm Semaj Kcin December 01, 2010
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