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Hindi word for arsehole. Also used to describe someone stupid and incredibly dim witted. Sometimes also used when a person is unhelpful or stingy or just plain anal. Despite certain claims, the word gandu has no connection with homosexuality. A gandu is not a homosexual man, no more than an arsehole is a homosexual man. It stems from the word "Gand", pronunced "gaa-nd" which is a crude word for someone's arse. A very popular indian curse word.
"I'm not surprised he fucked up, he is a gandu!"

"He's not going to help, he's a real gandu"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 17, 2004
Used in New Delhi, India. Short for Auto Rickshaw, a three-wheel rickshaw powered by a vespa engine with room for three passengers.
The word auto originally comes from the Greek word 'automatos' meaning self acting. (Its modern day equivalent is automatic.)
"I'm sorry I'm late, I couldn't get an auto in time"

"They're so many of us, we might have to take two autos"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 17, 2004
Hindi for prostitute. also used sometimes to mean a girl who's very lose.
"Forget it, she was a randi anyway!"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 17, 2004
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