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a girl who is invited backstage at shows in exchange for "favors."(wink wink) a softer way of saying groupie.

i see a lot of potential backstage betty's here tonight.
by Samigirl B April 09, 2005
the sweet,shy bassist of sugarcult.he's
one of the hottest guys in the world.
and he can really play that bass.
awww, look at airin.

airin older is one sexy beast.
by Samigirl B April 09, 2005
swedish for beautiful lead singer of blindside.
Christian is so very sexy!
ou en francais:
Il est tres beau!
by Samigirl B April 09, 2005
a kick ass band from northridge.known to attract large groups of backstage betty's.

charles-rockin frontman

john-sexy bassist of turbulent

jason-awesome drummer
Turbulent f***ing rocks!
by Samigirl B April 08, 2005

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