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An extremely spacious vagina, one that requires larger objects for stimulation.
She said that my seven-inch penis was too small. Bitch must have some sort of cave vagina.
#vagina #pussy #big #cave #huge
by Sami-X October 12, 2008
(N)Tricky, mischievous, or questionable practices or conduct used by those of the flesh-pleasuring industry. Mainly used for the purpose of short handing their pimp or John for whatever reason.
"You fiddy dolla short, bitch! Dammit, Peaches, I sicka yo honanegans!" <PISTOL WHIPS PEACHES>

Translation- "My dear, you're fifty dollars short! Damnations, Peaches, I'm sick of your whorenanigans!" <SLAPS PEACHES>
#shenanigans #whore #pimp #john #ho
by Sami-X February 06, 2009
1. An eating disorder that plagues men with low self-esteem, which causes them to throw up after every meal in order to cut calories.

2. The eating disorder that brolimics suffer from.
Man 1: Man, that steak was fire! I gotta go run to the crapper.

Man 2: Dude always has to go to the bathroom after he eats! What's up with that?

Man 3: I think he got brolimia, listen.

Man 1: (In background) BARF!!!

Man 2: Yep, he's brolimic.
#manorexic #bulimia #brolemic #food #barf #eating
by Sami-X December 05, 2008
1. A woman who orally preps a man for sexual intercourse. Oftentimes used in porn before scenes, or just for recreational use.

2. Any sort of long-haired cat.
Person A: Damn, that fluffcat just downed 12 inches of that dude!

Person B: Say what? I was too busy petting my fluffcat to notice.
#kitty #pussy #blow job #porn #fluffer
by Sami-X October 26, 2008
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