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A person who reviews commissions and renegotiates sellers cost months after the fact trying to save a couple of pennies, see also: jewdapp

I have no recollection of promising to give you my 6509 Chassis at $1. Quit being a hodapp.
by Sameer Butte August 24, 2005
Gettin your lovin on hardcore brokeback style.
See also, Dave Manning
We went up in them hills and blew out some mad ass manlovin.
by Sameer Butte April 25, 2006
Someone who makes a stupid huge amount of money but blows it on stupid shit like Jet Ski's, Exhaust kits, and Star Wars action figures and then needs to borrow money for lunch twice a week. See also Hodapp.
"Hey guys, lets go get lunch."

"Ok, How about Taco Bell?"

"Ok, but I don't have any cash, can you cover me?."

"You are such a Jewdapp! Maybe you should sell some of those action figures to pay for lunch!"
by Sameer Butte August 24, 2005

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