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when not fully naked and only wearing boxers. When you are butt-naked everyone can see your butt but when you are Nipple-naked people can only see your nipples and not your junk.
Brick: Dood im wearing nothing but my boxers and playing world of warcraft running RFK.
Samedi: Me too bro. Were nipple-naked. i love you. no homo.
by Samedi December 26, 2007
To call someone on a cell phone in order to locate where they are. Usually done when you are at the same physical location and uses the conversation to close in on the person you're trying to find.
Just a second, let me cellpholocate Joe.
Ring... Joe, I'm at the theater, where are you? You're standing by the entrance? What are you wearing? You wearing a blue jacket? Stick your arm up so I can see you. There you are!
by Samedi December 13, 2005

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