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Used to be a lesbian but now turned straight.
Anne Heche is a classic Lesbeen. She used to pussy lick but now likes dick.
by Sambambino August 03, 2008
A female who goes out of her way to be a nasty mean bitch. Think Mean Girls on steroids.
Ali: That Anna is mean nasty bitch

Samb: Oh yeah (nods) she is one Purple Witch

by Sambambino August 03, 2008
To emit loud sounds from your butt when visiting the toilet, could include splashes as your turd hits the water.
I REALLy need to visit the bathroom and make music
by Sambambino August 03, 2008
One wheel short of a bicycle. Used to describe a person who displays limited intelligence.
That Paris Hilton chick is a Unicycle
by Sambambino August 03, 2008
A word used to describe a really ugly chick
Mike: Hey did you pick up last night

Mark: Na the only chicks there were Virgin

Mike: Like they'd never been fucked before???

Mark: Nah Man like they were Virgin on ugly!
by Sambambino August 03, 2008

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