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A lady who will smother you with love. A Kailee will always try to make you happy. She is one who craves attention and hopes to be the very best, but will not put people down in order to get there. She may cross some boundaries, but she will always mean well. A Kailee is a girl who is absolutely beautiful, although she may not see it herself. Kailees love to laugh and are some of the silliest people you will meet. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend named Kailee, you will never be let down. She will be with you until the end, even if there are times when you may not want her there. A Kailee is magnificent all around.
-Who's that girl with that adorable laugh?
-Oh, that's Kailee. She's hilarious!
by Samawamalamajama April 13, 2011
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