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Delta Zeta is one of the largest, strongest, national sororities. Founded in 1902, at Miami University,DZ has set the standard for loyalty, class, beauty, and academics. The women of Delta Zeta strive for the highest goals and continually achieve top honors. There are many who envy our popularity and beauty and who let jealousy cloud judgement, we pay this no mind.

All the ladies of this amazing sisterhood can hold their heads high and also look at the pin over their hearts, knowing that it is the most beautiful sorority badge ever created. (Tiffany and Co has recognized this and the badge sits in the Smithsonian!)
Our ritual ties us together and our hearts keep that bond as strong as ever.

Today we salute you miss Delta Zeta sister. Not only do you have the looks, brains, and glamour, but most importantly the class to back it up. Sure, frat boys may talk to other ladies, but don't worry, their only dream is to date a DZ.

With that DZ sparkle in your eye and sexy swing in your step, you are every guy's dream and every girl's envy. You can party like a rockstar, yet still keep that sorority class. IF you are lucky enough to get a bid from DZ, celebrate your good fortune! We only initiate the most wonderful women!

If you're dating a DZ, raise your hand. If you're not, raise your standards.

So, you sexy DZs remember: There's only one thing to be... and that's a Delta Zeta!!!!

Only the sexiest are Delta Zetas!

Seth: Hey dude did you hear it's time for the DZ formal again?

Craig; Ya dude, hope I get invited, those girls are smokin' and mad fun!

Seth: Dream on dude, a DZ would never date a douche like you.

Example 2:

Paul: Can you believe that the Delta Zetas were Greek Week champs again this year ?

Steve: Dude, what did you expect ? They are the strongest sorority on campus!
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by Samantha617 May 17, 2008
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