1 definition by Samantha Petty

Bel Air is full of posers. Who would have thought people would be wearing pearls and trying to be like inner city kids. Who would have guessed all the farmland in the area would turn into vast houses and kids flaunting their parents money. People here think they are the shit and stick their nose up so high they could get a nose bleed. There is four kinds of groups, your a stoner, a wannabe thug, a douche bag, or you could be chill with everyone. Fights break out every winter, "Winter Beef." Watch your back around Bel Air, people talk shit like they have 50 tongues and two faces to go with it. It looks like a nice town, but your highly decieved by this. Your not in unless you have lived here your whole life, otherwise you become an outcast or everyone hates you. Full of judgemental people, i'd run if i were you.
with me its like you hate me or love me, there is no in between.

yeah if u ask people about me they always say yeah shes chill.

thats becaue you smoke a shitload of pot!!
by Samantha Petty March 15, 2005

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