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2 definitions by Samantha Knows

Used in reference to Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, who dabbled in homosexuality. Early in life he wrote a poem about marrying a boy. Noted relationships with Joshua Fry Speed, including a four year living arrangement by which the two shared a bed. Also, his wife was a dog. She was fugly. Much debate among scholars, but he was gay.
Gaybraham Lincoln was gayer than Perez Hilton.
by Samantha Knows November 14, 2007
A physical deformity whereby the second toe is longer than the big toe. Those suffering from this deformity call it a princess toe to feel better about their ugly feet. Also, some deformed are under the impression that the long second toe infers that they are 'head of the house' when in actuallity a person with this deformity made this lie up to feel better about their deformed feet.
The princess toe wrapped over the edge of Kelly's sandal.
by Samantha Knows November 17, 2007