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Who cares what genre the band is? I dosen't fucking matter if they are emo or punk or hadcore or whatever! My Chemical Romance is a fucking awesome band! It is good music, and if you don't like it then, sorry, you don't know what you are missing, but I am not gonna sit here and tell you that you are a dumbass or something like that, you just have different taste in music. If you have only heard one or two of their songs, I suggest you listen to some other things by them. I know that I don't like Helena, Ghost of You, of I'm not Okay. Just because I don't like them dosn't mean the band sucks. Give them a try. As for teenie bopping, people are going to do whatever they want, no matter what people say. And for good measure, I agree with those of you who say Gerard is sexy.
BTW: Green Day is two words, not "Greenday". If you are going to diss a band, at least spell their name properly. "Stay out of the light, or the photograph that I gave you, you can say a prayer if you need to, some other way to continue, to hide my face" I Never Told You What I Do for a Living- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance is the best!
by Samantha Kay January 16, 2006

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